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Does SIZE matter?

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  • Does SIZE matter?

    I was wondering.. I got some new beans and they look great, however theyre such a small bean (see pic). They almost remind me of the peaberry beans I got in the starter kit in terms of size.. just a little bit bigger.

    The beans I got off my own trees yesterday are much larger (and some of the unpicked cherries are even bigger than the ones I picked yesterday).

    Does anyone know if the size really matters? I met someone the other day boasting that their supplier has big beans.. haha.. I sort of just shrugged it off!

    But in all seriousness, how does crop conditions such as the locale, altitude, soil and other things influence the size of the actual beans? Anyone got any ideas about this sorta stuff?

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    Re: Does SIZE matter?

    It could be down the the cultivar/varietal and altitude grown at?

    I think bourbon beans are rounder/more nuggety.


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      Re: Does SIZE matter?


      More likely to be associated with genetic traits than anything else. Although, the high grown Yemen and Ethiopian varieties for example, are much slower maturing berries that also seem to be "stunted", for want of a better description, which seems to result in very small beans after processing. Cant complain about the flavour in the cup though.... truly excellent coffee 8-). So when its all said and done, I think size is irrelevant when it comes down to quality....