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    Gday all, so this being my first post I apologise if it is in the wrong fourm.

    After about 2 years of buying the same old coffee from wollies and coles, I ventured out into the unknown world to me of coffee and it was like a slap in the face of Thor's hammer!! I know so little, what is a plunger, what is a grinder!! So I did a little research on my local area about what coffee shops are worth a look at and a drive to. Living on the Gold Coast there are many people calling them self the best at doing coffee, so I gave some ago, some good, some bad, some even left thinking if they used the water to bath their 6 kids and the dog.

    I know there's a lot more to learn but that's why I'm here. My new found love for coffee has taken 2 years but know its flourishing like Gina Rinehart's heart when she enters the candy bar at the movies.

    It's lead me to thinking, can I grow my own coffee and what is involved in the process,
    I'm more than certain that there are many posts regarding this exact topic. I have given it a quick search but nothing to relevant popped up. If you comment the link that would be awesome BUT if you do know what is required please leave a comment.

    The information I'm after basically everything, where to purchase the bean to grow, soil type, environment needed, grow time, helpful tips and what to steer away from.

    I am gathering information from other sites but all info is helpful, no matter how small it is. No doubt many of you have thought the exact same thing and or at least tried so please help a fellow coffee lover who wants to be coffee connoisseur.

    Thanks guys

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    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs! Here you go.....


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      Yes, welcome. I like your enthusiasm. A word of caution tho - make sure you know how to walk before you commit to a run. I guess by the time you have actually harvested any beans you will have learnt a thing or two about roasting... or maybe you've got that far already.


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        We have successfully grown 2 dwarf Arabica coffee trees (planted 31/2 years ago). Trees can be bought at Bunning's or from local nurseries. Birdwood nurseries (wholesalers)supply them to such places. We have had 2 harvests and are thrilled at our results. You will need to do a bit of gleaning of information about care and local soil etc. from the net. They like full sun and good drainage and we have fertilized with normal fruit tree fertilizer and watered regularly. They are resistant to pests which attack other fruiting trees.
        We did the above and are very satisfied. There are posts and pictures on CS as pointed out about by DaveD. Good luck.