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New LM linea av without plumbing in?

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  • New LM linea av without plumbing in?

    Hi folks, just got a new toy, gonna play with at work for a while and not in its final home, any tips or links to running off a bottle without plumbing in (aus), seller mentioned it was good to go off a bottle, but the instruction specify a minimum of 2 bars pressure, cant see how gravity would provide that, we have 4 stage r.o (only using 2 stages) and multi stage filtration at hand and a slew of wet/dry pumps lying around (big retail aquarium), or will I need a 'flojet espresso pump type system' long time reader with no experience, any tips, comments or slander much appreciated, nick

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    Ummm ... well, with a $12K machine you need to ensure water supply pressure is constant. But 2 bar isn't much (30psi) how about elevating a tank? Use potential energy and connect to the pump (which can be set on a low shelf under the counter). Check ambient pressure on the gauge on the LM.


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      ... ambient meaning mains pressure machine OFF.