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Where to buy this style of coffee cup in Sydney?

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  • Where to buy this style of coffee cup in Sydney?

    Hi all.

    I am trying to add a particular style of cups to my collection, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help.

    Basically it's a large cappucino cup, the kind you get when you order a large flat white or a cappucino at a cafe.

    Volume is probably 300mL, or maybe more. Every Sydney cafe uses them and if possible I'm trying to buy the same cups.

    Thanks in advance, and a happy new year to all!

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    Don't know of this brand, i'd recommend a look at Not Neutral cups, by far the best cups I've used. Near perfect design great shape handle that you can actually use.


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      Looks like an IPA round size?

      Coffee-A-Roma - IPA Milano 200ml white, black, red or dark brown colour


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        These look like the Rockingham Cups, which are available at a hospitality shop in Eastwood. I have these in brown.


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          I got mine at EspressoParts. in brown, black and white.


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            They look a lot like the stuff we stock - we buy it from Premier Products Australia in Sydney (importers of San Remo machines). Is a Premier Tazze Cappucino Bowl, capacity is 290ml |( there's also a 220ml version in the same shape). Available in white, red, black, orange, green, yellow, sky blue & brown.