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What is your preferred morning (espresso) brew ratio?

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  • What is your preferred morning (espresso) brew ratio?

    Hi Coffeesnobs,

    I'm relatively new to the forums (along with the coffee scene), and have recently purchased a Rocket Giotto V3, Macap M4D grinder, Pullman Barista tamper and a matching VST 18g ridgeless basket.

    While I understand that the general guideline is to time your extractions to 30 seconds (+/- 5 seconds), I thought it would be an interesting discussion to see how everyone likes their morning espresso (by espresso, I mean your morning coffee shot, which can include espressos, ristrettos and lungos). I should also point out that I do recognise that the brew ratio preference will be dependent upon the coffee bean, age, roast, and an individuals palate/taste, but surely you have a generalised brew ratio preference? To keep it simple, the only variables should be the grind fineness, and extracted espresso mass - all other variables should remain constant for the purpose of this discussion.

    In any case, what is your preferred brew ratio (ground coffee mass to espresso mass)? And how long does it take for you to extract your desired brew ratio?

    For me:

    Ground Coffee Mass - 18g
    Brew Ratio - 1:2
    Extraction Time - 30 seconds

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    I always take single shots and no matter which coffee bean I follow this rules.

    Grounds 10g
    Brew Ratio 1:2
    Time: 25 seconds

    for my wife I reduce the time to 20 seconds


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      21g of coffee.
      Pour is stopped just before or at the first signs of blonding.
      Time is irrelevant.

      Don't care about brew ratio, only taste.

      I have better things to do than to bother timing the shot or working out a brew ratio.


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        20g coffee
        double espresso poured to approx 40ml
        half milk if takeaway
        drank as a latte if at home


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          At work (on a Linea PB) where I drink most of my espresso it's 22.5 g in and anywhere between 30-35 grams out depending on the batch of beans. pour time usually between 26 and 31 seconds but only after the grind has been set according to taste.


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            Grounds: 18-22g (depending on beans)
            Brew ratio ~ 1.5 (about 30g)
            Extraction time: 25-30s

            Almost always as latte.


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              Dose: 21-22g
              Yield: anywhere from 25–40g in the cup depending on the beans and my preference at the time.
              Shot time: I adjust the grind to achieve the desired yield in somewhere between 30-35 secs which I find tastes best, but I really only bother tracking time because my machine has a shot timer on it.

              My standard drink is two of these shots in the same cup.


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                2:0 Double in my belly, nothing left in the cup


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                  Last machine:
                  17 grams in a 15 gram basket
                  36 seconds @ 6bar


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                    Roughly 1:2, for around 25 seconds. Dialled in for taste.


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                      Ground Coffee Mass: 20g
                      Brew Ratio: 1:2
                      Extraction Time: 25-30s


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                        21 grams in basket
                        31 second extraction time
                        standard water temp
                        8.5 to 9 bar pressure

                        I also add half a teaspoon of butter to give me a much creamier texture and a buttery taste and sometime i add some honey also but thats only sometimes