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Help with beans in inner north melb - new member

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  • Help with beans in inner north melb - new member

    Hi and apols if this isn't the right place for this question.

    I recently purchased a Lelit Diana (v2) and mini mazzer from Jetblack espresso and am loving the setup.

    I'm looking for good value roasted beans - pref a rich dark roast with choc and nutty 'notes' - in the inner north of melb that don't cost an arm and a leg so while I'm learning won't be too concerned about ditching a few shots here and there while I get my technique right..

    So far I've bought a few varieties from RedBean HQ in Preston and loved their Fiasco blend. I think they charge around $13 clams for 250 which seems to be pretty standard.

    On the strength of the golden bean awards and because a colleague gets a discount we recently bought a kilo of the Ethiopian from the Convent Bakery in Abbotsford but have to say not impressed with it at all. For my tastes it's insipid and hard to get a shot robust enough for my piccolos. However at $20 a kilo with discount the value is v high (for use as 'training beans').

    There's a couple of Coffee Supreme varieties that are my absolute faves but there's no way I'm forking out that kind of moola when I'm not confident of putting it to good use.

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers

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    Talk Coffee in Northcote does great blends that would suit your palette. They are not dark roasts but are not lighter third wave roasts either. I think about $20 for 500g


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      Freshly roasted Golden Bean winning coffees are available right here from BeanBay: CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Roasted Coffee

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