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Some dumb newbie questions....

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  • Some dumb newbie questions....

    Just got a Makin,mazzer mini and a pullman.... ok I cant froth milk but I can make it double in size and look like weak milk no problem...

    1. Put a dose in a single shot porta and found it only came up to the aluminium rim inside where the shower is... so I hit it again with another dose just so I could use the pullman....which I could but i think i stopped most the water getting through... what should I do here?

    2. These spout things wont let me put a mug underneath, so I just take the spout thingy off?

    3. How long should I let the water keep running through it?


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    Re: Some dumb newbie questions....


    Ill try answering your questions...

    1. You should start off with a double shot portafilter because it should make things easier to start with. If you just want the one shot, just put a cup under a spout or alternitavely just have a double shot.
    But since your question is about the single shot PF, try making your grind coarser on your mazzer and dose the same.

    2. As for a mug, you could try leaning it on an angle thats what i would do. I probably wouldnt take it off, but you can if you want to.

    3. You mean how much coffee should go into your cup? It should take about 20-30seconds for 30ml. That is just a guideline so you can go abit over 30 or under 20seconds and go by your taste. Just dont wait until its gushing out fast and going really light coloured... you want to turn it off way before it gets to that point.

    Have fun!


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      Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

      hey mate. youve got some nice kit there. If you want to get the best out of such a large investment another $200 invested in a coffee course will go along way.


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        Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

        I see you live in NSW, too probably could have got some pointers from Dave himself....anyhow, Ill answer your questions in order.

        1) Dose over the ridge of the basket. In a single aim for something like 8 or 9 grams. After tamping, if you find the shot doesnt come out (i.e a choked shot) grind coarser on your Mini.

        2) You could, but you can also take the tray off just for the shot....otherwise you could pull the shot in to a smaller cup, transfer it to your mug and then fill the smaller cup up with some steamed milk to get all the crema out.

        3) Ideally 30 mL of espresso in 30 seconds from a single basket (double the volume from a double basket and double spouted portafilter in the same time). Some coffees extract better at different times and with different dosages. Id definitely pull a double shot in to a mug, anything less would be too weak. I usually pull a shot early if there are signs of blonding. What I mean by blonding is when the stream of the hazelnut colour of the espresso starts to change to a lighter blonde colour.

        Im not sure what you mean by "weak milk". I think a home barista course is in order to get the best out of your awesome setup....anything less is not doing your setup justice. You can certainly get some amazing coffee from these machines (given fresh and rested coffee beans), but youre only limited by your techniques and abilities....until you get to world champion level....then maybe a La Marzocco may be a good choice

        Have fun learning! And may you always drink awesome coffee.


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          Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

          Just some random googled photos.....

          Beginning of the pour

          and the end of the pour showing blonding

          To further elaborate further on blonding, blonding extracts the nasty bitterness in the cup.


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            Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

            hey mate,

            youre in Newcastle right? I am too.. Im no expert, but I can pull an Ok shot and forth some decent milk, so I might be able to give you a pointer or two - send me a PM if youd like to meet up.



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              Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

              Thanks for all the info and tips... yes going to do a Barista training course next Wednesday night at Beloroma up here in Newcastle... the espresso shots are getting better - not that I have ever drank an espresso before this as always had flat whites and cappas but have just had about 6 in the last hour trying to get it right....
              I agree a course is the way to go so I can drive it properly....


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                Re: Some dumb newbie questions....

                wired yet?