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Need help. How to be more creative without coffee

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  • Need help. How to be more creative without coffee

    Dear all

    I am fan of coffee but someone tell me that it is not good for my health. Could someone show me how not to fall asleep without coffee or what kind of coffee have healthy recipes

    I drink 3 cups per day

    Hope to listen a lot of advises


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    I think for every study you can find that says that coffee is not healthy you will find another one or two that says it is. For example, I remember reading one recently that found that drinking more then three cups a day improved your 'all cause mortality'.
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    Coffee reduces risk of death from some diseases, Harvard study finds - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Do a google search and you can find lost of things that fall on either side of the line.

    Health is a complicated thing. If something is 'healthy' or not is even more of a complicated thing. Water is very healthy but too much and it will kill you.


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      Using coffee to stay awake isn't healthy. One of the biggest problems in public health reports is not getting enough sleep, and drinking coffee doesn't address that need. If you're getting 7+ hours and still unable to stay awake, it would be another dietary or chemical problem which you should seek to solve with your doctor, not solve with coffee.
      Coffee isn't bad for you, using coffee to mask sleep problems is very bad for you.


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        All of that is Ok but the unfortunate reality is that there are thousands of people who work a rotating shift system and nothing wrecks one's sleep patterns more than this. For a lot of people, coffee helps them maintain an awareness throughout their rostered shift. I know, as I used to supervise a large, diverse shift crew for many years and coffee was very often, a necessity....

        I think rotating shift work is more dangerous by far than anything that could be contributed by the consumption of coffee...

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          Agree Mal , I work rotating shifts , and without coffee ld really struggle
          I know shift work is really bad for you , but l have dependants and a morgage , and retirement is only a few years away now , and other jobs are few and far between up here unfortunately

          Rule of thumb for insomnia is no caffeine drinks for about 10 hours prior to sleep and eat healthly and exercise daily


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            Yeah sorry guys. No judgement, just sayin'


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              no need for apologies , just the way life is these days , we all have choices to a certain extent l guess .....


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                Not 100% sure the OP is 'genuine'. Interesting user name...and a user of the same name got banned on Whirlpool a few days back for spamming.


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                  Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                  Not 100% sure the OP is 'genuine'. Interesting user name...and a user of the same name got banned on Whirlpool a few days back for spamming.

                  He's pretty much signed up to almost every forum in Australia in the past two weeks. Weird.


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                    (Will give benefit of the doubt for now... but thanks for the heads-up BoS /& Dan)


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                      Most of the research seems to show:
                      Coffee is more likely to be good for you than bad.
                      Rotating shifts reduce your life expectancy, as does inadequate or excess sleep.

                      Your call.