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Talk Coffee's Panama Morgan Estate Typica SHB - Cafetalera Fernandez

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  • Talk Coffee's Panama Morgan Estate Typica SHB - Cafetalera Fernandez

    A few days ago, I was the recipient of a very generous gift of some of TC's wonderful coffee...

    I tried it for the first time today, and WOW! What a stand-out coffee this one is...
    It's everything I strive to achieve with my very humble setup but can never quite get there.

    The initial sensation on the palate is one of superb sweetness coupled with a short, sharp but restrained bitterness (which I enjoyed immensely). This is very rapidly replaced by some very complex berry fruitiness (and maybe some juicy blood orange) that has an almost sherbet-like acidity that sparkles across the palate. Some faint but very pleasant nuttiness could be detected as the cleansing acidity diminished. Mouthfeel could be described as quite viscous and luscious but not cloying at all. The finish is a very clean, earthy and almost umami savouriness that is most interesting.

    It is difficult to believe that all of this could be coming from a single estate bean and not from a blend but there it is. A great coffee that has been roasted to perfection in my opinion. Highly recommended to shout yourself some as a real treat...


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    Hi Mal, looks like you're on a winner!
    How did you brew this magnificent bean (espresso, pourover, etc)?


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      G'day hyoshidan...

      Tried it as Espresso, Long Black and Syphon mate.
      Truly excellent with all methods but quite a standout as an espresso for me...



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        Thanks for the kind words Mal. Glad you have enjoyed it!

        We have two great Panamas in stock and they get to rotate in and out of our single origin offer. They're both brilliant beans and by purchasing great greens, I make my job easy. I just respect the bean, give it a little love and let it talk to those who buy it.

        As always, coffee is a personal thing. Some will hate what you love and vice versa. For me, one particular shot of the Don Pepe delivered the closest I have had to God this year...