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PID temp for Beanbay Peru Ceja de Selva

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  • PID temp for Beanbay Peru Ceja de Selva

    Just received a batch of roasted Peru Ceja de Selva from Beanbay (thanks Andy - they smell awesome). As the title suggests, just curious what a good brew temp would be for me to plug into my PID (on a Silvia).

    Will tweak it to taste as I go, but just wanted to get thoughts on what a good starter temp might be. I don't play with the PID as much as I should, so I'm trying to make a bit more of an effort to understand how the beans respond to temp during the pour.

    I drink doubles pulled through a triple basket, if that makes any difference. (And apologies if I've put this in the wrong forum - thought it would be best here.)

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    Try 90, 92 and then 94 degrees and see which works best for you


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      Agree: 92° is a good starting point for most roasts.


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        Thanks. Tried 92 this am, very nice.

        Do people generally change temps as beans age? Or is it more about finding one optimal temp that works for a roast profile, regardless of age?


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          Wow! If we only knew. There's a method involving where you taste espresso, meaning what you're tasting and where on your tongue; palate. Adjusting the temperature of the brewing water can change where you're tasting a particular blend in your mouth: dark back palate may mean excessive heat; too bright, zingy, grassy may mean too cool. Best thing is to experiment with the PID and find a roast you like. The date of the roast will effect the taste greatly as well.


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            One thing to remember with PID controlled brew water temperature - When changing the Setpoint, allow about 15 minutes between changes to allow everything to settle down again before pulling a shot. It's always best to start at a lower temperature and work your way up, rather than the other way around as the system will be more responsive in this mode...