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Swiss Water Method & Water Efficiency

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  • Swiss Water Method & Water Efficiency

    I've heard along the grape vine, that out of all the companies that utilise the Swiss Water Method to decaffeinate their beans, only 5% of companies actually recycle their water to be used again in the process. That overall, for every 1kg of decaf 10L's of water is used. Therefore, although a preferred method for 'health' reasons it potentially has a gross misuse of a natural resource if not recycled.
    Also, the used water can potentially have negative effects on the surrounding soil when discarded...
    I had been told this by someone who knows quite a bit in the industry, however, have been unable to source any validity to the above statements. Does anyone have information that supports or squashes these claims???


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    There's only one company utilizing the Swiss Water Process as far as I know and that's Swiss Water in Vancouver, Canada and there the GCE (green coffee extract) infused water is used over and over again, batch after batch, removing caffeine while re-infusing green coffee extract.

    Need more info? Go visit the website