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Best Extraction times for ECM?

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  • Best Extraction times for ECM?

    Hi there

    I have a ECM Technila IV.

    I was wondering what the best extraction times were?

    Currently I am turning 21 grams of ground coffee into 60 mills of liquid in 30 seconds.

    One side of my double portafilter produces 30 mils the other 30 mills this is what I call a double shot.

    I have heard from Debella coffee that I should be turning 21 grams of coffee into 30 mills in 21 secs. This is a drastic difference.

    Also from the time I turn the pump on to when I see coffee running put of the portafilter its around 12-13 seconds. I have read I should be looking for 3 seconds.

    Can a proffessional help me out?

    Kind regards.

    David Taylor

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    I am also using a VST basket that reads 18 gr which i think means it is an 18 gram basket instead of 21 gram that is notmal?


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      Do whatever makes your coffee delicious Dave. This question comes up a lot, there just isn't a one size fits all. If you have a rotary pump you might say it'll be a faster shot, or whatever.... But the final goal is delicious coffee, and if you can't make your shots more delicious (all else being equal) by shortening your extraction times, then stick with 30 seconds.
      But experiment. It's the only way beyond being side by side tasting coffee with someone else.


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        As readeral all says, it's about flavour. Adjusting pour time will change the flavour profile of your shot. Have a read of this:Espresso Recipes: Time - Matt Perger for some sensible perspective and advice.

        The earlier posts on dose and yield will help get the context also.

        30 mls in 21 seconds, from 21 grams sound like a ristretto recipy to me. What you are hitting with your current approach would be more of a normale espresso pour.

        i understand vsts like to be dosed close to their basket rating, +/- a gram or so. Not saying 21 grams won't work, however it might prefer a lower dose for best results.
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          Originally posted by readeral View Post
          But experiment. It's the only way beyond being side by side tasting coffee with someone else.
          Totally agree. Experimentation goes hand in hand with being a CoffeeSnob...