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Another HX machine for work's staff room.

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  • Another HX machine for work's staff room.

    !!!WITHDRAWN!!! - Rancilio S10/CD two group espresso coffee machine,For Sale.

    Hello Coffee Lovers,
    Hoping someone on this site would help me out with this Rancilio machine.
    I've recently acquired this non functioning machine for the spare parts however,upon inspection there was nothing much wrong with it other then two of the three heating elements failed........sounds bad ,you think?
    Well I've been using it at home and presently drawing about 10 amps ,because of the single heating unit.
    The machine comes with everything needed to produce a great coffee,had several perfect coffee's already.
    Two double group handles with baskets,external rotary pump (Procon) together with all the connection hoses.
    This unit would be great for a fund raising venture,or a (big) home situated coffee producer with lots of steam and capacity for big party crowds.
    I really need to move this lovely sweet machine on,sharing space with two other 2 group machines is just too much for my good wife to bare.
    $200.00 plus postage/carrier delivery to your nominated address would make you look pretty dam cool!
    What do you think?
    Any questions or more photo's ,fire away.

    Hello again,
    The above mentioned Rancilio is settling well into it's new role serving staff in our little staff area,the La Cimbali drew enough attention to inspire another staff member to take it home and set it up at their personal micro brewery business (totally off the grid) ,the 10 amp draw feature sealed the deal.
    This two group Rancilio is really putting in a great performance with staff,smaller in foot print but just as willing and able as the bigger La Cimbali .
    Another successful integration of a older commercial HX machine into another life of serving a coffee loving community.
    Things are great with a happy staff room.
    Click image for larger version

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    Good result. I wish we had room and motivation from others for something decent at my workplace.