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Counterfeit coffee?

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  • Counterfeit coffee?


    Counterfeit Coffee Is Now Something You Need To Worry About | Gizmodo Australia

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    Sort of interesting... a bit of a fluff story though. I was hoping for a "name and shame" when I clicked on the link.

    The most famous cases involved Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) and Hawaii Kona coffees, they have been counterfeited many times in the last 40 years as you would expect when they sell for $100/kg and $50/kg green.

    You can buy JBM per cup for $2 in Asia... and I doubt there is much (if any) JBM in there. Hawaii has had a similar battle with Kona Blends which contained a random Hawaiian bean thrown into a batch of cheap stuff and marketed as Kona. They have pushed for a 51% minimum blend but last I heard it was still being ignored by some of the big boys.

    Like anything, you need to have a trustworthy supply chain to know you are getting what you paid for!


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      The same thought went through my head when I read it ref reputable supplier. Luckily CS beans tick all the boxes and come with great service, and we support the sources while enjoying yummy brews! It's a win win.