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A bunch of coffee anyone?

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  • A bunch of coffee anyone?

    Hmmm...April 1, huh?

    Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens will today announce that they have mixed the DNA from a coffee plant with that of a Shiraz grape vine to produce a hybrid that could in the future see viniculture in the Hunter Valley replaced by coffee production due to the impact of climate change.

    The coffee beans will grow on vine-sized bushes which will mean that the crop can be gathered without the need to replace costly machinery already in place for mechanised harvesting of grapes.
    The coffee vine hybrid is expected to take some five years to reach maturity before it can produce its first beans. Although the development is at an early stage scientists believe it may also be possible to incorporate natural moulds that make dessert grape varieties sweeter so that the consumer would no longer need to add sugar to their cafe latte or cappuccino.

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    robusta or arabica?

    All they need to do is get cows to eat the product and there you go- cappuccino!