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  • Pro Roasters preferred bean

    I think there are quite a large number of professional coffee roasters either lurking or sponsoring this site.

    Id love to find out what their favourite SO bean is, and why?

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    Re: Pro Roasters preferred bean

    Dennis, thats the hardest question to answer. I get asked it all the time and it comes down to mood, time of day, and prep method.

    At the moment (various times across the last month) Im really enjoying the following:

    Costa Rican Hacienda Rio Negro as an Espresso or piccolo, beautiful and chocolatey, just so smooth
    Panama Gran de Val in any espresso drink, fullness of moutfeel that makes you question its single origin status
    Nicaragua La Bastilla in the vac-pot, has to be tried to be believed.
    Brazil Daterra sweet Bourbon in the vac-pot, what can I say, is a classic