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Barista/espresso training for a toy lever?

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  • Barista/espresso training for a toy lever?

    Hey guys/gals, after reading a rather interesting thread about godshots, it made me wonder about if there was something I could do to improve the way I use my machine.

    I was wondering if any snobs out there know if there is any Batista/coffee making courses in the greater Brisbane area for people with toy lever espresso machines? I have deliberately used the term Toy as I don't won't to infuriate the guys with the commercial lever setups. I have a ponte vecchio export machine which is fairly similar to a Ponte Vecchio lusso, but apart from a LA pavonni at my local roaster (which is direct drive and not spring) haven't really seen anyone I could ask. I didn't buy the machine locally so I can't go back to the supplier either, unless I go to Italy, which is a big tick in the Con's column when not buying locally.

    Don't get me wrong I can make a coffee which I like, I would just like to try my hand and some refinement and latte artwork, without watching YouTube videos (which for the machine there isn't a lot).