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Any advise for Rocket/Mazzer newbie?

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  • Any advise for Rocket/Mazzer newbie?

    Ok so just purchased a a Rocket Giotto PP v3 & Mazzer Mini-E (A) as my first manual machine (got tired of drinking pod rubbish). It was one of those the more I researched the higher my budget went, moral of the story I would have gone higher but my wifey liked the Giotto/Mazzer style/design and couldn't justify any of the additional features as we are low volume drinkers (2 cups each a day max) so we went with that combo (I know functionally there are slightly better options).

    1. Any tips from Rocket/Mazzer owners specific to these machines?
    2. Any advise on how often to clean, specifically chemical backflushing, descaling, servicing?
    3. Any tips on using an E61 type machine, ie. warm up times, naked vs spouted PF's, how to get consistent shots etc.

    Greatly appreciate any thoughts!



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    welcome to forums mate and congrats on the new setup.

    there have been heaps of threads written on everything you've asked, so use the SEARCH box on the top right hand of the page and you'll find a wealth of information.

    Let me point you to a good starting point though -

    enjoy the learning process!


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      Thanks iggs,

      The link is really helpful because searching can be hard when you don't know specifically what to search for!


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        I've got a giotto and a k3. Pretty easy machine to use once you've got it dialled in.

        Remember to keep the tank full or you'll run out of water half way through a shot. Use a good water filter to reduce scale forming.

        If you're not using the hot water tap to make tea or long blacks then drain the water every so often to keep the boiler healthy.
        To do this heat up the machine then turn off and open the hot water tap.the water will come out until just about empty so make sure you have a jug or two to catch it. Then turn machine on and it will autofill the boiler.


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          Thanks trentski, great advise! I have been practicing and dialing it in for the last few days and starting to get some great results! I have found using the Naked PF that I got included good as it helps me know I am getting an even extraction (had one shot that sprayed everywhere cause it was channeling) also holds 21-22gm of coffee so it makes a really strong double shot. I have been using a Brita Maxtra Jug for filtered water as I am renting, what I have read is even though it is not as good as some installed filters it still should minimize scale as it has a ion exchange resin and carbon filter so hopefully does the trick and means I only have to get it serviced/descaled every couple of years.

          Thanks again for the tips!