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Exposed brass of portafilter: does it affect espresso quality?

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  • Exposed brass of portafilter: does it affect espresso quality?

    Hi snobs.

    I recently came into possession of a second hand diadema junior semi auto. Loving it so far!

    I noticed the portafilters have got quite a bit of exposed brass on them (see pics). The machine is over 10 years old so i realise it's wear and tear, but just wondering if there is any reason this this would affect the espresso adversely?

    for the record, the coffee has tasted pretty good so far (imho), but always looking to improve like any self respecting snob
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    Soak in backwash detergent and give 'em a polish with a scourer and then continue to enjoy your machine!


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      Thanks for input Chris. Guess there's nothing to worry about then? I gave it a good soak last night but haven't considered polishing it up yet. Will give that a go tonight


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        Yeah just makes it harder to clean. If you polish it up with brass I or similar (clean afterwards obviously) it will be easier to keep clean.

        If you have one if those rotary tool gadgets (deremel or similar) it will be quick and easy to do.