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Boiler versus thermobloc

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  • Boiler versus thermobloc

    As a newbie to coffee machines, could someone please give me some advice on the pro's and con's of boilers and thermoblocks

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    Some great info to be found in an earlier thread, here...

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      i know many years ago i saw a good video from SCG found here
      The vid helped me with explaining why they can be unreliable (and others actually very reliable) and the principles behind them will tell you why they do not have as consistent a temperature output as boilers.

      hope it helps =) otherwise the thread mal linked will do more than the trick


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        I graduated to a Gaggia Classic from a Krups XP5220 in 2012. I was immediately forced to graduate to a Eureka Mignon from a Solis 166. A newbie who is thinking of seriously embarking on this journey should always consider the espresso machine and coffee grinder as a matched pair for budgeting purposes. I will leave the technical stuff to others but from the taste of what is in the cup, boiler takes the prize.


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          Many thanks for your comments. I have read the recommended readings and found those most helpful. My machine at present is an "Ascaso Uno Pro" [made in Barcelona] which I have been using for over a year now with good results [single boiler]. I have not found any mention of Ascaso machines while looking thru Coffee Snobs items. Perhaps they are not imported into Australia. I was hoping to find some comment on them as I was considering buying an "Ascaso Duo" next with two boilers as it takes so long to make a number of coffees with only one boiler. The "Uno Pro" retails here for about NZ$950.00 and the "Duo" would be about NZ$1400.00.
          I note in our local NZ Consumer magazine a list of 50 coffee machines listed in order of overall score which includes Taste test, Ease of use, milk frothing etc.
          Six were given an OK to buy. 3 were Brevilles, 2 were Sunbeams and one was a Delonghi. [of the 6 only 2 were Boilers]. Of the 50, 38 were thermoblocks. Maybe it is cheaper to build thermoblocks. Of the 50 machines, there were some "nesspesso" types. Also there were very few high end models included. I noted one Jura J90 at nearly $ 4000.00 with a taste test of 4 out of 10. The top 6 were all 8 out of 10 for taste. It was also noticeable that nearly all of the boiler machines had 10 out of 10 foe consistency of coffee temperature while only a few of the thermoblock machines reached 10. Thank you again for your comments. I'm wondering about a Breville BES920. Would that make sense??


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            G'day Borris...

            Ascaso machines are available here and have been promoted on and off over the years.
            I reckon that they are a pretty decent machine and made to a higher level of quality than a Silvia overall, by way of comparison. You should be able to dial in some really sweet shots with this unit with the usual temperature surfing that non-PID Controlled machines require...

            You could expect the same level of performance from the Duo but with the additional advantages of a dual boiler machine. The Ascaso is in a higher class of machine than the various Appliance machines on the market, so don't be seduced by the marketing of the appliance factories. If you end up deciding on the Duo, the unit with the PID Controller for the Brew Boiler would be the one to go for; much more accurate water temp. control and no need for temp. surfing...

            Mind you, if you gave thought to the prospect of fitting a suitable PID Controller to the machine you already own, plus insulated the boiler, you would end up with a machine that had most of the flexibility of the Duo but at a greatly reduced cost. Might be worth thinking about...



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              Thank you Mal again for your comments. Most encouraging re Ascaso. I've been looking around the net for more comments on the 'Duo'. Seems that the 'Duo' has one boiler for coffee and a thermoblock for the steam. Gail and her friend on YouTube seemed to be a little disappointed about that and would have preferred 2 boilers so that consistency of steam temperature would be more reliable. I must admit my machine is built like a tank. Very solid in all respects. I'll probably keep it for a while and see what the market produces in the future. Thanks again. Robert