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Thoughts on the Rafino Grind Refining System

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  • Thoughts on the Rafino Grind Refining System

    Another interesting gadget to add to the arsenal of gadgets to produce that elusive "perfect' cup. Is it really a practical product though? I understand the theory, but isn't just understanding and accepting that there is a variance in grind particle size and distribution just apart of adjusting the grind accordingly to find an acceptably happy medium the key? Seems like another unnecessary step, that wastes coffee, and would obviously not practical in a cafe environment. Must be hard to guess dose too, as each grind will result in a different final weight in the chosen acceptable grind particle...

    Just google: The RAFINO - Coffee Grind Refining System (I'm not sure if i was allowed to link it here)

    Another approach, having a smaller cartridge style adapted to go on the end of a grinder spout perhaps? Splits out the larger and finer particles?

    Interested in others thoughts.


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    I'm a backer of this, Perger had a lot of success in competition brewing after sieving. Seems like a relatively low cost way of trying this out in the home setting.


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      I backed this project as well. Getting the The Coffee Geek Plus with 8 sieves. My grinder upgraditis is now on remission.