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Citric acid to soften water

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  • Citric acid to soften water

    Has anyone tried to add a small pinch of citric acid to your water in your kettle or coffee machine to soften the water?
    We have pretty "hard" water where I live so I have to take some of the calcium/carbonate out of the water to make the coffee taste better and protect the equipment from scale buildup.

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    It *might* prevent scale, but it doesn't take any of the minerals out of the water and thus is not "softening" it - buffering maybe.


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      A pinch of citric acid seems to take som of the chalky taste out of the tap water. Makes it more vibrant to drink.


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        There's a recipe for 'sweetening' water which involves bicarbonate soda and magnesium sulphate. I'll see if I can dig up the ratios. The biggest issue for taste where we are is the chlorinated water - I aggressively filter that out as much as possible. I've had tremendous taste difference after installing this filter which produces absolutely fantastic drinking/brewing water.


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          It's acidifying the water and dissolving calcium back into the water. Your better off with an RO filter it will produce nicer water and improve the life of the boiler.