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  • Crema magazine

    Does anyone subscribe to this mag? Is it just a fluffy lifestyle mag with a coffee theme or does it offer seriously interesting articles (and pictures!) about coffee etc.

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    Re: Crema magazine

    I have bought the current issue. Its a good read, prob not the "espresso head" mag that you are looking for but still worth a look.

    Great photography, interesting articles and not too ad heavy.

    But dont take my word for it, go and grab one from your local newsagent and make-up your own mind


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      Re: Crema magazine

      Crema took a bit of a caning on CG for being light on content.
      Personally Im just happy to see a magazine based on coffee and its associated industries. Perhaps if we support it, then Crema will grow and have the chance to provide a greater depth of content. It must be hard to ask large national coffee companies for advertising dollars, and then feature articles encouraging you to roast your own or only buy fresh coffee from local batch roasters...???
      I just wish my local newsagent would get the current issue in stock.


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        Re: Crema magazine

        I have found Cafe Culture to be one of the better coffee mags Ive seen here. Not sure if it is available for sale, but its available to cafes for free (I think). I believe its part of the CafeBiz Network so the magazine may be available from them.

        The autumn issue (which is there first or second ever), contained an interview with Toby Smith (from Tobys), and other interesting stuff. Its mainly for the cafe industry rather than home enthusiasts.



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          Re: Crema magazine

          I currently subscribe to Crema and always find it a good read.
          I even made the effort to get back copies. It is more of a lifestyle mag. There are always some interesting articles. For the price, well worth having it in the collection.
          Cafe Culture is connected to CafeBiz and is more geared at the industry. I believe, it is distributed to all Cafes for free. Again it is a good read. To date, there have bean 2 issues.
          Both mags are on deadline for the next issue.
          I have a number of copies of Cafe Culture edition 1 and 2 if anybody is interested. I will be happy to post them to anybody in Australia for the cost of the OZ post satchel $5 or you can pick them up from my home. I live at Caringbah NSW. Email me for details.



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            Re: Crema magazine

            Ive got a couple of issues of Crema and Bean Scene. Both are a bit light on in specifics and amount of articles about coffee, but still worth a look, especially for the price. Theyre a quarterly mag. Not what you would call a serious coffee mag, but some excellent photography and related (ish) articles.



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              Re: Crema magazine

              HI guys - Andy contacted me and suggested i might want to give you guys a little more info.
              We started with the vision of being a purist coffee mag, but soon but soon realised we were not going to get any support from the big coffee companies (who we were relying on for advertising to pay for printing) so we had to go much more lifestyle format, although were still a pretty small budget operation.
              Its interesting that we got a bit of a roasting from some of the coffeegeeks for not being hard-hitting enough, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that not only are the big coffee companies arrogant, and dont have wonderful, fresh coffee, but if we criticised them wed have lawsuits all over the place and go straight out of business.
              Funnily enough, i made a (public) challenge to one of them on coffeegeek - cover the cost of design and printing, and he could publish any articles he wanted (as a special edition of Crema) - the only thing is that he would have to legally cover me for any lawsuits.
              He came back with a no - snivelling that he wasnt in the business of publishing - nor was i until i decided to give it a go!
              Anyway, thats a quick run-down - so not an espresso head magazine, but we always try to have one or two pretty serious coffee pieces.




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                Re: Crema magazine

                Thanks Ashley - well put. So... my next question... will you give CS members a discount!!! ;D