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  • Mocha recipe question

    Gday all,
    The BTB has been asking me to make her some mochas at home, as shes finding some of the SOs that Ive been using too strong for her taste, even in a latte :-?.
    My question is (apart from being probably stupid :) is what do people use for the chocolate component of the mocha? Is it powdered chocolate or a syrup?
    If its a powder, do you just pour the shot over the chocolate, or put the choc in later?
    If its a syrup, whats the technique for that?
    The local Michels makes a damn fine mocha, complete with writing on the top (which I assume is done with chocolate syrup). Is it likely that they also use the syrup in the mocha as well?
    I should look but the only place you can see the machine being used is from the front of the queue, making for unhappy people behind me.
    Thanks for indulging me thus far, and for helping me to keep the peace at home .

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    Re: Mocha recipe question

    BTB? Whats that stand for?

    Bride to be?

    We make our Mochas at work by adding hot water, Dutch cocoa, and raw sugar to the chocolate powder, and stirring like crazy to make a syrup

    We usually make around 20lts at a time and pour these into squeezy bottles, which are the refrigerated.

    To make a mocha we pour around 30ml of chocolate syrup into the bottom of a latte glass, then add your single shot of espresso, (and a drop of hot water if the syrup is too thick) - the throw in a splash of freshly steamed milk, and steam this mix under the steam-wand for about a nano-second, to blend the lot together.

    Then top with the rest of the foamed milk.

    As a variation you can also line the glass with the chocolate mix, pour the shot, and top with steamed milk - then allow the contents to settle.

    This gives a lovely layered effect but its a bit fiddly when youre busy.




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      Re: Mocha recipe question

      We use Stasero chocolate or mont blanc, they are both syrups.
      just put in one pump (buy one when you buy syrup) add shot top with milk,



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        Re: Mocha recipe question

        I have a very good quality drinking chocolate (dutch cocoa) powder. I just put in a couple spoons of the
        chocolate and pour the shot over it. I give it a stir if it needs it than add the steamed milk over it.


        Lucias in Adelaide makes the best hot chocolate. Somehow they manage to have the foam dark brown with the chocolate and it is delicious. They use one of the cadbury drinking chocolates the last time I asked.


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          Re: Mocha recipe question

          next time your in safeway woolies or coles and your walking down the chocolate section pick up some lindt chocolate break it down to small piece and heat you milk to about 50 degrees and then add the chocolate in and then you will have a base to make your mocha its the best thing going and your BTB will love it and in turn love you


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            Re: Mocha recipe question

            If you have time, make your own! Nothing beats making stuff to your own taste!

            1:1 dark cocoa and sugar. More or less depending on how sweet you like it.

            Use a little ketchup (tomoto sauce) bottle, available in any hospitality shop.

            Fill the bottle up with the mixture and leave 1 or 2 inches of space to add water in, add 1 cup of hot water, close the lid and shake. Might need to add more water depending on how big that bottle is.
            If too runny add chocolate mixture. Too thick-add water.

            Consistency should be fairly thick. Pour some onto the back of a spoon, and if it runs a little but doesnt drip off the spoon, with a nice glossy sheen, its perfect. (suitable to do chocolate syrup art on your froth)

            Normally add approx 20-30mL of chocolate for 1 mocha. Its nice to pour your shot on the chocolate. Or you could try that chocolate syrup art!

            Store in fridge. Not sure how long it last, coz I always use it all up in the cafe within 2 days.


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              Re: Mocha recipe question

              Originally posted by askthecoffeeguy link=1180866144/0#1 date=1180874991
              BTB? Whats that stand for?

              Bride to be?
              Exactly Pat,
              I thought Id be a little bit different and not call her my SO 8-).
              Thaks for all the recipes and tips everyone, Ill be out of that dog house in no time ;D.