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Kenya AA Wachuri beans

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  • Kenya AA Wachuri beans

    I recently bought a small amount of above mentioned beans.

    Whar are your suggestions if roasting for espresso?

    Blend with brazil, sulawesi or...?

    Go Single Origen?

    I like potent but sweet dark espressos, by the way

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    For whatever reason I don't tend to blend Kenyans. I find them beautifully clean, fruity and juicy as espresso, but I prefer them even more roasted for pour over. Interested to hear how others blend theirs.


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      When roasting any excellent Kenyan beans for espresso, I stay well away from 2nd-Crack; tending to pull the roast between 220.0 - 221.0C

      This ensures that none of the beans' origin flavours are lost. In fact, I prefer Kenyan beans that I've managed to acquire over the years, mainly from Andy, as Ristretto. Just so many intense fruity and winey flavours coupled with great acidity and an extended dark choc finish. Just can't get enough of that with the Siphon or AeroPress, for me...



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        When I was using a Quest to roast I used to drop Kenyans at 218 which was about 7 degrees shy of 2nd crack. On the Proaster the equivalent bean temp is 209.


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          When it comes to Kenyan coffee, most of the time I drink it blended with a dry processed Ethiopian but on occasions I blend it with a slightly darker roasted washed Ethiopian. My preffered roast is a 4:3:2 minutes, dropped at 218-220C.