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Put my machine and grinder to the test...LOL

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  • Put my machine and grinder to the test...LOL

    I was using 14g in the single basket on the Domobar. Maybe I should have been using 7g? I think I may have made a classic rookie mistake

    I reckon I should take up a course, and work out where I'm going wrong...but the shots I am pulling seem to be getting better.

    First shot was too quick, next shot was too long, and even after changing the grind setting, still too long. I think I will need to use just 7g instead of the 14g LOL
    Classic rookie stuff

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    Benj, oh the joys!

    you did well to get 14g in a single, tasting the end results of different extractions is quite interesting even if sometimes not enjoyable. Stick with it, you will get it I'm sure and as for good quality teaching/advice, lap up all you can get.



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      I tried 8g, 9g, 10g of coffee as well. Also tried varying the grind.

      I still haven't got that nice shot of great thick crema yet...but I'm never sure what's causing the shots to fall outside the general 25 second rule.


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        A decent home barista course is worth its weight in Gold mate...

        Many of our Site Sponsors provide them...



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          I'm convinced it's the grind and the tamp. The machine is a Domobar so there is no reason why the machine would fail to produce a consistent shot quality.

          Interestingly the pullman tamper I have actually won't fit the double basket or the VST 15g basket, only fits the single basket...I think I'll have to return the base of the tamper for a slightly smaller one in this case.