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  • Crema

    So this is an extremely amateur question, but that's what I am. Extremely amateur.

    Working with a Breville Smart Grinder pro (820?) and a Rancilio Silvia V4, I seem to at best have achieved a 40-50ml double shot from 15g of grind, setting around fine 6, in around 25-30 seconds. Tamping seems a bit on be lighter side as initially my delay was too long and extraction volume to small. Room temp around 18 degrees.

    Beans are freshly roasted, less than a week old.

    The flavour is relatively balanced however perhaps still noting towards slightly sour. I also only seem to be able to achieve around 1mm crema, with some minor coffee flecks and a relatively darker extraction than I'd expect.

    I'm looking for advice on balancing the flavour more so as well as achieving more crema? Would I be better to change the dose or is it the grind? Assuming all other variables are ok.

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    Try looking up temp surfing for the silvia. Watch the videos. It's easy to follow.

    thinking you might see better results with a higher dose. Maybe check what others are dosing on a silvia double basket.

    Also, have a read of: Coffee Extraction and How to Taste It - Matt Perger