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Good repairer in Brisbane for Vibiemme Super DomoBar machine

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  • Good repairer in Brisbane for Vibiemme Super DomoBar machine


    for some reason my machine has developed a fault. It turns on (has power to the machine) but will not heat up & will not develop any pressure in the boiler. When I pull the level water flows through the machine and comes out - it's just cold.

    I am chasing a recommendation for a repairer in Brisbane for this type of VBM machine.

    Thanks in advance

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    Espresso Breakdown in Capalaba are known to us and do good work.
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      Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
      Espresso Breakdown in Capalaba are known to us and do good work.

      Thanks is very much for your recommendation. I will call them this morning.

      I was sad this morning when I woke up and remembered my machine is busted. Wife reckons I looked forlorn ... Lol.


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        It shouldn't be too major Bigjobs: Overtemp cutout, boiler element or perhaps a control board. All are pretty routine.

        If your machine hasn't been serviced for a while (12-18 months is suggested), it's a good time to have a once over.


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          Yesterday when I used it I noticed the steam boiler pressure was spiking very high. So high, that I had to turn the steam on because I didn't know when it would stop. Then the pressure would just drop very low (much lower than normal).

          At one point I let it build pressure and then there was a self relief valve (my words for it) that discharged the pressure. Then the pressure dropped. After that I turned it off. When I turned it back on it was not working as I described above.

          Also, this morning, when I turned it on it tripped out the power in the kitchen ... Something odd is occurring for sure.


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            Ok- makes more sense....Dead pressurestat. Tripping- most likely 230V and H20 in conflict from the release of steam. No heat will likely be overtemp.

            A service is definitely called for.


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              Just called the espresso breakdown folks in Capalaba. I'll take it out there today or tomorrow.

              Thanks for for your help and advice.


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                Barazi in Stones Corner has a service Teck, pm if you want the address



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                  Just a quick post to says thanks for the recommendation on repairer.

                  I got my machine back and its working fine. very happy with the service I received from Espresso Breakdown.



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                    I also recommend this repairer, shortly after this post my Musica started to leak water. They were quick to find the fault and return the machine to its former glory. Thanks Talk_Coffee