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  • Talk Coffee Fantastic Service!!!!!

    I would like to thank Chris for the advice he gave me over the phone about my dombar jnr.

    Who would think that filtered rain water would affect the machine,anyway a bit of tap water a pinch of salt and it's like brand new.

    Many Thank's

    Regards, Steve.

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    My pleasure Steve. Glad we saved you a trip the the machine doc!

    For those interested, Steve's machine is run on filtered tank water.

    In applications with a very clean roof and great filtration, the water is very close to distilled in nature. No ions can lead to the failure to sense water and events such as overfills, no heating and other random stuff. A little salt was enough to boost ionic content for a happy machine.

    In this situation, I'd shandy tank water and town water if at all possible- but salt did the job...

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