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HOTTOP service?

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  • HOTTOP service?

    Had my Hottop for around 18 months now and while I only roast 250 gms a week i was wondering when i should look at changing the filters (wherever they should be)
    Currently I take the barrel out after 2 roasts and check for stuck beans and generally clean up the inside a bit.
    I suppose it is the parts I cant see that concern me.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: HOTTOP service?

    Ive put my filter (the big one at the back) through the dishwasher to good effect. Doesnt quite make it like new, but certainly prolongs its life. Failing that, contact Sally in Taiwan directly and ask for some new ones.

    Not sure about the small filter on the top, as I havnt looked at mine (though maybe its about time I did :-?). You might be able to run that one through the dishwasher too if its as sturdy as the other filter.

    Hope this helps!