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Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

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  • Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

    We are taking a holiday in Nth Qld at the moment so what did we do on our 1st full day today??
    Checked out a coffee farm of course!
    We visited Mario and Claudia at Tichum Creek Coffee Farm near Mareeba in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. and while we didnt take a look at the farm itself, we did get to sample some of the wares and take a look at the roastery. We tried Marios Blend and liked it a lot and would say was a little reminiscent of a well-roasted Mandheling.
    Youll be pleased to know Mario and Chris spend a bit of time looking at CS too!
    We took these piccys today. The little roaster is a Probat that is about 80 years old and does 4 KGS, the biggy is a 25KG Gothot circa 1950.

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    Re: Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

    WooHoo! Another old Gothot! Yay!!

    Sounds like a great time there Tim!

    Java "Lovin da Gothot!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

      Great stuff Tim,

      Boy their roasters look like new... obviously very fastidious and passionate about looking after them. Most impressive 8-)



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        Re: Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

        The Gothot they bought in the US and had it completely rebuilt/refinished there with some electronic control mods and temp probes added to bring it up to 21st century spec in the controls dept. Theyve also modded the bean hopper with a vacuum bean loader so you dont have to climb up a ladder to tip beans down the chute.
        The Probat has had a stainess base added (I think).... its a real little work of art.

        The whole cafe and roastery area was beautifully set up and fastidiuosly maintained. The coffee was of really high quality in the cup and well-made. Behind the counter, Claudia has amassed a huge collection of old manual coffee makers, grinders and manual roasters.... I reckon there were at least 100.
        You can tell they really love what they do.


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          Re: Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

          The view of the valley is just spectacular, Tim. Beautiful area up there!


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            Re: Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

            Just found this post...
            WOW some great toys and a nice venue too.

            Ill add it to my need to visit list!