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Gaining experience as a barista

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  • Gaining experience as a barista

    I've been trying to get a job as a barista. i have my barista certificate but i have no experience. all barista job, you need to have experience. How do i gain experience? Any help?

    Thank you

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    5 senses have a piece with advice along this line. One thing was (put much, much better than this): take any job at a cafe, work hard & hang around the barista/ coffee machine. One day they might ask you to work it...

    i liked that advice.


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      5 Senses has a good article online covering what shortblackman mentioned. Also the Barista Hustle Facebook group recently had a similar question that had quite a few in the industry giving answers.


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        Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
        I know a guy who practiced at home so he could walk into a cafe and show them his home-learned skills.
        It worked for him.
        Best of luck.
        Worked for me last summer. Shame I only had time for a summer job, cause it was a pretty good gig!

        Home skills certainly can take you a long way. You've also gotta know the cafe and what it needs. I knew they needed more support across the summer period, so offered to work the till. Only took a week to get rotation on the machine, but it was only while guys took lunch breaks and in the coffee cart.


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          Thank you for the advise.


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            What I did worked for me. (Keep in mind that this is a roastery that commits itself to the quality of coffee)

            Go into a roastery/good cafe and wash dishes for a year whilst getting bits of information from the baristas and showing passion and interest. Whilst doing this, practise at home. Practise, practise, practise. Milk texture, shot prepping technique and Latte Art really gets your foot in the door. (this took a year for me because I was only working holidays and Saturdays. Might take shorter.)

            Once you've shown interest and invested time into the business they MIGHT start getting you on pouring milk for T/A's and maybe even steaming milk. Do that for another year. (Did this about 3 days a weekish)

            Then, they know you, they know that you are passionate, they know that you are invested in the business, they know that you are committed to the business, they know that you know how to make a darn tasty coffee, then you should be able to become a barista in that '3rd wave'/'high quality' cafe. (I started working 5 days a week at this point)

            Been at this place for 6 years now and now I'm training for them.

            Now there is another path of getting a job at a bakery or a lower quality cafe, but that experience on your CV might inhibit you from going to a higher quality cafe and will allow you to develop bad habits.

            Hope this helps!