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Experts say coffee won't cause cancer - but this might

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  • Experts say coffee won't cause cancer - but this might

    The World Health Organization's research arm has downgraded its classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen, declaring there isn't enough proof to show a link to cancer.

    But the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or IARC, also announced in a report published on Wednesday that drinking "very hot" beverages of any kind could potentially raise the cancer risk, and it classified them as "probably carcinogenic" to humans.
    "The best evidence available suggests that coffee does not raise the cancer risk," he said.

    Drinking very hot beverages, however, just might.

    Dana Loomis, deputy head of the IARC program that classifies carcinogens, said they began to look into a possible link after seeing unusually high rates of esophageal cancer in countries where drinking very hot beverages is common. He said that even at temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit), hot beverages can scald the skin, and that consuming drinks at even higher temperatures could be harmful.

    Loomis said very hot beverages might cause a "thermal injury" in the throat that could eventually promote the growth of tumors, but that evidence was limited. He said there wasn't enough evidence to suggest if eating very hot food might also be risky.
    "Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are much more significant for reducing cancer risk than the temperature of what you're drinking," said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society. Brawley said the cancer risk posed by drinking hot beverages was similar to that posed by eating pickled vegetables.

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    That's why I drink ice cold beer. It's healthier. Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by MrFreddofrog View Post
      That's why I drink ice cold beer. It's healthier. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12919[/ATTACH]
      You obviously didn't read to the bottom of the article -
      '"Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are much more significant for reducing cancer risk than the temperature of what you're drinking," said Dr. Otis Brawley'

      Either that or you'll choose to ignore it (like me). LOL.


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        Everything I eat has to be at volcanic temperatures. No lukewarm baby food for me. I will never change.


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          Considering that the WHO classify very hot at 65C then most of the milk-based coffee drinkers are fine and those that demand "extra hot" are at risk... but we knew that already, they have always been at risk of getting something nasty in the cup.

          It would be interesting to hear what temperature CS'rs drink their drinks at. I know mostly my brewed coffees at work end-up stone cold (and later drunk anyway) or if I'm having an espresso at the machine then it would be lucky to 40C while I'm drinking it.

          So... there are plenty of CS'rs that own a HeatSnob or a Multimeter... how about posting some drinks and the temperatures you drank them in this thread.


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            The temperature of the coffee I'm currently drinking? That would be 3C. No worries over my coffee being too hot at this time of the year! Cold Press and milk over ice.

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              I'm probably in danger as I drink pretty hot pour - over. I'll dunk my thermometer probe in it tomorrow.


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                Mine are between 55-60 at most (as a Long Black or Piccolo Latte) when freshly made...
                Like Andy though, by the time I get around to finishing the cup, it's usually pretty cold but still very, very nice...



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                  I start sipping here (70° Celsius). This is De Selva 22g/275ml Hario V60


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                    It's better @ 144°F (62°C)


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                      My Lungo's start out at approx 60°C in a warmed cup, like others I dawdle over coffee so it frequently finishes up quite cool, but still very drinkable.


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                        ~66°C immediately after extraction. (Brew temp 92°C / cup preheated with water from group)
                        By the time I down it - it's cooled to about 61-62°C (within a minute).
                        Click image for larger version

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                          There is already a bit of a pattern here that even in different drinks, not many of us are at risk of swallowing at 65C+.
                          Even the hottest so far at 70C was "sipping" so I expect actual temperature "down the trap" would be lower than that.


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                            G'day Andy

                            I experimented a little out of curiosity. Using a calibrated medical thermometer for all readings. All drink temps are the usual "coffee and milk" suspects (latte, cappuccino etc). Straight espresso - naturally it comes out of the group at 92 Celsius and into a prewarmed cup (in my case). Drops to 80 Celsius before I could get it to someones lips. Ouch.

                            Hottest way I make milk drinks - only when specifically requested - 72 to 73 Celsius in the glass at the machine. Using my usual twin walled Borosilicate glasses - 5 minutes to get down to 70. Never seen anyone sculling one near this temp. Considering the milk I use scalds around 73, this is as hot as I would / could deliver a milk drink.
                            Normal way: 64 to 65 Celsius.
                            My personal ones: 63 to 64 Celsius. Like most CS'r's I savour it slowly, so I am safe from one "previously unknown" way of killing myself.

                            PS: Excellent web site. Thx.
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