Hi everybody, I'm new to this. I hope I*'ve got this right.
Can someone tell me why I get such a va*riation in pours. I have been using a ma*chine at home for several years, (EM6910 & a Compak K3 Advanced Touch). I know *my machine well and its been serviced an*d maintained well. the problem i'm havin*g is inconsistencies.
I have 2 x beans for different roasters*. let me explain.
EG - 1. I have a organic single origin *Guatemalan bean from 1 supplier. Do not *know the roasting date, but I put it thr*ough my machine and it comes out beautif*ul and thick pour lovely flavour every t*ime.
EG -2. I have a second Organic single o*rigin Guatemalan bean from another suppl*ier. I DO know the roast date and the su*pplier very well, BUT I grind, tinker wi*th the grind and cannot for the life of *me get a decent pour, always thin, flavo*ur is OK but not consistent.
Can someone please tell me whats going *on as it's doing my head in.