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Coffee for the masses - setting up a work coffee station

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  • Coffee for the masses - setting up a work coffee station

    I am planning on setting up a coffee station at work, with proceeds to go to charity.

    My basic plan is to roast and grind the beans myself (which I am doing for myself anyway, this will actually make it easier to do regular roasts). I also plan to provide a couple of plungers and possibly drip coffee makers for people to use.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, particularly in regards to coffee making equipment. I am thinking plungers as this is simple and easy to operate and clean. I will be competing with a coffee van and an espresso machine that runs on pods.

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    Maybe some cold brew in the warmer months. Not much needed in the way of equipment, could just steep it one jug and filter it to another.


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      Nice idea! How many people?


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        It is 24/7 centre with 50+ people working at a time, but I have no idea how many will pay for this, most people seem to prefer to pay $5 for an average cup of coffee ready made. If it very popular i will have to buy some coffee ready roasted, but if nothing else it will help me always have my own fresh roast.


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          Good idea, i will look into that option. At the moment I will focus on the plunger coffee - I have picked up a bunch on Freecycle so have not had to invest anything into equipment which is nice.