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Can perfection be achieved?

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  • Can perfection be achieved?


    This is my first good quality espresso machine (and first post on CS ). My goal is perfection in taste and technique, but I'm starting to wonder if this is possible. Your feedback and suggestions on my questions below is appreciated!

    First, my home setup is as follows...
    • Rocket Giotto V3 PID machine (3 months young)
    • Manual Mazzer Mini with doser
    • VST baskets (15g, 20g & 22g)
    • Brewista Smart Scale
    • Microlot beans from Guatemala

    My shot...
    • I have exactly 17g in my 15g VST basket.
    • Espresso hits the bottom of the cup on average at about 8 seconds from lever up.
    • I'm pulling circa 45ml in about 27 seconds (lever up to lever down).
    • Blonding starts about 19 seconds into the pour.
    • Last 4 seconds or so are a bit gushy.
    • Coffee puck is a bit wet but not soggy and there are no puddles on top.

    My questions...
    • Should i be able to pull a 60ml shot in circa 27 seconds with a 15g VST basket? It's considered a double shot basket after all isn't it?
    • Should I be able to pull the above mentioned shot with only 15g? If I use 15g my puck is very soggy, and 17g gives a better result.
    • Why am i only getting about 11 seconds of good extraction between the initial drizzle and blonding? The grind is fine, the tamp is firm (pour start at about 8 seconds).

    Thanks for your feedback, Warren.
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    Depends a lot on how fresh your coffee is. I don't own a VST basket but 17g would be a double shot. You should get 60ml in about 30 sec if every thing aligns eg fresh coffee, tamp pressure, grinder is dialled in correctly.


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      Thanks for the response Stan! I've just consumed the last of the beans so now have a new bag of Cuban I will try. Is it possible that the Rocket shower screen allows for more space above the puck therefore requiring more grams of grind to pull a good shot? Or should I be able to achieve a good shot with 14g-16g in a 15g basket?


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        I average 18 - 20g in the synesco filter but 20g is maximum for the Musica. The grind is as important as the tamp, many things have to align for the perfect shot.