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How to get into a roasting career ??

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  • How to get into a roasting career ??

    Hey fellow snobs !!
    Im really passionate about coffee and want to get into commercial roasting. I've contacted all my local roasters asking if I could get work experience from them and all have ignored. Possibly due to not being a large enough company or learning about their secrets. What's the best way of achieving my goal of becoming a roaster? I'm in NSW and prepared to travel wherever to learn Etc. Do I keep studying coffee and reading books and home roasting until an opportunity pops up? Or ?
    i feel like it's such a hard career to get a job in. All feedback is appreciated !!!

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    Every roasters story is probably different, but I know a guy who is working for a medium sized roasting business who started as a casual packer and after a few months went full time and a little later has been offered the opportunity to learn the ropes.

    I don't know if this is how it usually works, but it does seem to be typical for industries where qualifications aren't necessarily required, for example a diligent kitchen hand may start cooking