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Your Coffee Routine (Morning or whenever) - minor research for a Uni project

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  • Your Coffee Routine (Morning or whenever) - minor research for a Uni project

    Hi everyone

    I am an Industrial Design Student in Melbourne, currently I am beginning an assignment/project that requires me to
    look at a confluence (two or more items coming together) that occurs in a kitchen setting. Being a coffee lover I thought why
    not attempt to design something to do with coffee, preferably manual brew but espresso machines are equally acceptable as
    the research is meant to include everyones coffee routine regardless of method and equipment.

    I would highly appreciate it, if you can share your equipment for your chosen method and a rough routine (no need for brew methods and ratios)

    The designed product (confluence) will essentially be a link between multiple products, similar to a brew stand but hopefully with some
    more functionality and thought put into it.

    This is my morning routine,
    I begin by putting my Hario Buono Kettle on the stovetop to boil, I will then get out my scales and a little measuring cup to weigh out the amount of pre-ground coffee I need. I set up my filter into the V60 and sit it atop of a server/jug. Once the water has boiled I will take it off the heat and rinse the filter and then discard the water out of my server. I place the measured coffee in the filter which is set up on my scales. I get my phone out and start the timer whilst beginning my filter brew. After the brew I set the v60 in the sink to drain the last few drips to make discarding the coffee + filter easier. Afterwards the dry V60 goes ontop of my server and sits on the bench, the scales + filter go into the cupboard and the coffee will sit on the shelf.
    Yours of course doesn't need to be super detailed but it is appreciated.

    This is still the initial research for the assignment, I am required to look at various other kitchen items and as much as I would love to focus solely on coffee I can't narrow my design efforts quite yet, so essentially my final outcome may not be a coffee stand at all, but if it is I will gladly share it.

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    Espresso drinker.
    1. Turn on grinder (BGC820) and coffee machine (BES920)
    2. Place glass on coffee machine to warm up with machine - does bugger all really.
    3. Grind using inbuilt timer and tamp. (I used to weigh shots and tamp pressure but done it often enough not to need doing it anymore)
    4. Pull shot till it blondes.
    5. Put glass back on warmer tray
    6. Knock out puck, rinse basket and PF. insert blind filter
    7. Start (empty) shot, let flow purge screen, insert PF loosely, let PF overflow and jiggle to wash seal. Empty PF, brush seal clean, restart shot, re-insert PF loosely, let PF overflow to wash seal again, empty PF, reinsert and backflush for 2 sec. All this takes about 40 secs
    8. Dry coffee machine with tea towel so nice and sparkly
    9. Place sushi mat on drip tray (prevents scratches) and place PF, basket & blind filter on it to dry.
    10. Drink coffee.

    If you could design a unit to do all that but without the quality compromise of current semi-automatics it would be a winner.


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      Thanks for the response, I actually cannot redesign the products but only design to tie them together.
      Your routine though has shown the various bits of equipment and methods I didn't consider so Thankyou for all the detail


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        Put water in coffee machine (La Pavoni Europiccolo)
        Put beans in grinder (Smartgrinder)
        Turn on machine and grinder
        Eat muesli, start crossword.
        Check machine temperature.
        Grind coffee, pull (double) shot. Drink said shot
        Finish crossword.


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          Top up machine (La Pavoni lever)
          Switch on
          Have breakfast while machine heats
          Put portafilter handle (minus filter) into group
          Flush a little water through group to speed up heating of group
          Place double filter on scales, tare and weigh beans.
          Place beans into manual grinder (OE Lido 2), grind
          Tip ground beans into filter, distribute using Chicago chop with twist, tamp carefully & evenly, finish with a light polish.
          Clean any grounds off lip of filter with left thumb. Place filter on bench next to coffee machine.
          Take milk jug out of fridge, add milk to jug.
          Flush group and purge steam wand
          Remove portafilter, insert loaded filter and lock in to machine
          Put double walled glass under spout.
          Lift handle slowly, do approx. 3 "mini Fellini" pumps, then main pull.
          Remove cup
          Steam milk holding jug around rim
          Remove jug, wipe wand and purge.
          Swirl milk and tap as required.
          Pour into cup, add chocolate dusting on top.
          Rinse milk jug
          Hand coffee to wife as I have my first coffee at work :-)
          Switch off machine
          Knock and clean portafilter
          Flush group with pressure still in boiler
          Remove and clean drip tray, wipe metal recess where tray sits. Put back into machine at 90 degrees so any water under tray can evaporate.
          Wipe bench
          Rinse cleaning cloth and hang over hot group to dry.
          Place inverted portafilter handle and filter on scales to dry.




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            1- Switch on machine (bezzera bz10)
            2- Portafilter on, place cups on top.
            3- back to bed (wait for central heating and machine to heat up)
            4- get up after second alarm (after a few snooze hits)
            5- Get jug/thermometer ready
            6- Get milk and soy milk out of fridge onto counter
            7- Beans in grinder (Quamar 50) - from bag or Kinto bottle
            8- Grind out into portafilter
            9- Weigh out on scales
            10- Level and tamp
            11- Flush machine
            12- lock portafilter
            13- Pull shot into cups
            14- Purge steam
            15- pour out soy milk into jug
            16- steam to temperature
            17- purge steam and wipe down wand
            17- Pour into steamed soy into cup
            18- attempt art
            19- rinse jug
            20- repeat 14 to 18 for regular milk
            21- unlock and knock portafilter and expunge ground coffee into knock box and rinse
            22- run water through head
            23- Backflush
            24- clean brush with hot water wand
            25- empty and rinse drip tray
            26- wipe down machine
            27- brush down grinder
            28- leave everything in sink to clean proper after work.
            29- drink coffee and eat breakfast.

            2 lattes (soy and regular milk)


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              Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
              Great idea..
              Here's my morning routine.
              1. Get up.
              2. Get ready for the day
              3. Do this:
              Looks like nice fresh beans there :-)


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                fill brewista kettle, set at 91-93 deg depending on beans
                weight out beans and fill grinder
                v60 onto my range server,
                paper onto the v60 and once the kettle is ready wet the filter.
                while this is draining i pulse the grinder until the grinds go below the hopper gate, close gate and press the pre-set time button for 11secs.
                dump warming water into drinking vessel while the grinder is going, then my chute routine...
                brush, pulse, brush, pulse, brush until most grinds are out
                bigger brush to brush the metal chute bit in a circular motion
                dump grinds into v60 and kettle is already set to warm up to desired temp when i put it down last so straight into the grinds, timer starts on the acacia scale
                after brewing i let the v60 drain into an empty cup nearby which i usually clear when i get home at night - by which time the grinds are just moist and wont drip all over the floor if i carry it across the bench into the bin


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                  Ok, I'll try to remember my Aeropress routine... quantities will probably be out, but that probably doesn't matter too much...
                  • Place hand grinder on scale and tare. Pour in 20g of beans.
                  • Fill kettle with ~300ml of filtered water.
                  • Place 150ml jug on scale, tare and add 20g of room-temperature filtered water
                    Turn on kettle.
                  • Grind beans while kettle boils.
                  • Place plunger in Aeropress and invert.
                  • Once kettle boils, pour ~200ml into Aeropress, allow to pre heat for a few seconds, then pour into mug.
                  • As mug pre-heats, pour water 80g from kettle into jug to a total of 100g.
                  • Pour ground coffee into inverted Aeropress, place on scale and tare.
                  • Pour in 40g of water from jug over 10 seconds, stir for 10 seconds and let stand for 10 seconds.
                  • Pour in remaining water over 10 seconds, stir for a further 10.
                  • In the next 10 seconds, tip water from mug into sink, fit Able brew disc and cap to Aeropress and place mug on top.
                  • Invert and plunge over ~20-30 seconds.
                  • Remove cap and disc, push out puck into compost bin and rinse Aeropress, cap and disc.
                  • Add a dash of milk and enjoy!


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                    Roll out of bed...

                    Prop eyelids open...

                    Crawl to espresso machine...

                    Dispense three quad pours into mouth...

                    Wake up and start the day.

                    Java "Where's the coffee" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                      Wow!! I think all this is proving is that we've got issues!! LOL! I feel much better about my OCD tendencies after reading this thread and the next time my wife shakes her head at my routine I'll be giving her this to read.


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                        Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
                        Great idea..
                        Here's my morning routine.
                        1. Get up.
                        2. Get ready for the day
                        3. Do this:
                        Great soundtrack. Would be better over top of a slo-mo naked PF extraction. Now that would be dramatic.


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                          1. Look at Breville 920 machine.
                          2. Turn on kettle and brew a nice cup of Prince of Wales Tea instead


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                            Originally posted by leafrust View Post
                            1. Look at Breville 920 machine.
                            2. Turn on kettle and brew a nice cup of Prince of Wales Tea instead
                            1. Turn on 920
                            2. Watch wife make coffee
                            I wish


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                              Thanks for all the replies everyone! Much appreciated,