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  • Distribution

    Hi guys

    I used to just use my finger to "brush" back and forth to distribute the coffee,
    but it doesnt seem to work very well, the right side of the drip always like 60% of the output
    compared to the left when extraction ended.

    Now trying to do a Stockfleths moves, but when my hand touch the pf,it just too hot to touch,
    is the pf not supposed to be "heat up" that much?

    or any better way to distribute the coffee?

    Any comment will help!

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    Re: Distribution

    Its hot because youre touching the actual portafilter. Try and avoid touching it...instead try and only make contact with the basket when doing stockfleths.

    There are heaps of distribution methods out there...and you can mix and match to create your own that works for you.

    Have you heard of Chicago Chop? Give it a go and tell me what you think


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      Re: Distribution

      hey Wushoes, isnt it the basket will heat up too?
      when i do the Stockfleths my hands touching the basket and its so damn hot,
      and i can only use my finger again...

      em... to late for making a coffee at time though, but definitely try it in the morning.


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        Re: Distribution

        Hi Mr N,

        I think that if you are getting more espresso coming out one side than the other, the problem is probably not distribution. Its more likely to be that your machine isnt level or that your spouts arent clean. The open spouts are probably better for getting an even split than the standard silvia spouts. I think that coffeeparts has them.




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          Re: Distribution

          hey guys,

          Just tried all those methods mentioned, it does seem to help...
          the shots comes out "quite" evenly, still about 85% on the right spout.
          Ive looked up on the net, its like the problem from a lot of machines, right always a bit less than left...
          correct me if im wrong...

          Also, Ive tried the "Chicago chop".... it seems quite uneasy to me.... of course super fast...
          I do prefer Stockfleth, now tried to not "heat up" the pf too much, so that the i can barely touch the basket.

          Its all good now, Ive poured my first "healthy" rosetta this morning....
          Im satisfied!



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            Re: Distribution

            I had the same problem with the Silvia spouts. I got an LM spout of coffee parts (its not a genuine LM) and that fixed it. so long as you dont mind tilting your latte classes.


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              Re: Distribution

              I use a soup spoon to distribute then tamp, always get a good pour,
              I call it the Sullo method


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                Re: Distribution

                Could be just tamping to hard on one side. Maybe adjust where you put your portafilter to tamp so you have a better centre of gravity.

                The hot part..... i dont want to be rude and dont take it the wrong way, I would suggest get over it and toughen your hands up. I know when i take a break from coffee my hands are more sensitive to heat. Look at some expert pastry chefs they put their fingers in hot sugar water from touching hot stuff all the time. It takes time. Ocassionally my staff might suffer from it and i would called them a few names. They get over it pretty fast. Best thing, do what the Shaolin Monks do. Knife hand strike in hot sand for an hour a day.


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                  Re: Distribution

                  Originally posted by AndyL link=1182011658/0#7 date=1182506114
                  Best thing, do what the Shaolin Monks do. Knife hand strike in hot sand for an hour a day.
                  It works well.