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  • C64

    I tryed to aska question in the usenet about what the device is called that magically connects a laptop to a thermo/machine/roaster for the purposes of datalogging, heres an answer to one which I thought was funny..
    Got any old commodore 64s lying around unused anyone?
    unfortunately its in italian so Im not really sure whats being said but the picture is worth a thousand words

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    Re: C64

    Babel translates (not perfectly) as:

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006
    > COMMODDITY 64: one of those technological stranezze of the past that helps to feel less and less primiti to you (or more primiti to you, to second of the points of view... my point of view is in averse part... and therefore zoppicanti yours technical progresses make me to laugh however, haha!): one machine for the coffee with timer connecting to a ancient Commodore 64, from a number of the review Microcomputer of June 1985.


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      Re: C64

      yeah i tried a few babblefish translations but the text just doesnt do the photo justice, just made me crack up seeing a c64 as a coffee machine timer!


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        Re: C64

        Heres my trans as a teacher of this language

        Commodity 64
        One of those strange technological things of the past that help us feel less old-fashioned (or more old-fashioned depending on your point of view…my point of view is partly alien….anyhow, your limping technical progress make me laugh..haha): a machine with a timer connected to an ancient Coomodore 64, from an issue of the magazine Microcomputer

        No more enlightening than Babel.... :-[