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Grind issues with a single spout and double spout

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  • Grind issues with a single spout and double spout

    Currently the new owner of the Expobar Leva and Macap M2M grinder. During the week when I want a coffee I use the single spout portafilter and on the weekends I use the double spout portafilter to make a coffee for myself and the hubby. What I'm finding is that the grind setting for a double spout portafilter is completely different for a single? Is this normal?
    I finally get the grind setting right for the double spout portafilter but when I made my coffee this afternoon with the single spout the coffee could hardly come out suggesting the grind was too fine but was perfect when I used the double?
    Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Different sized baskets? If so yes the grind size will need to be different. I just split the shot off the double and let half run into the drop tray on the odd occasion I need to make a single or a weak flat white.


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      Yep this is completely normal. I don't change the grind, rather adjust dose. If your single is choking the machine, try putting in less coffee.


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        The difference will more then likely be in the different basket size. Setting up your grind, dose, yield will change with every basket basket of a different size, shape or brand.
        If you are only making singles each day & a couple of singles on the weekends. Then set up your grinder for the single basket & just make 2 separate coffees rather then using the double basket/spout.
        Having said all that, have you weighed the amount of coffee you can fit in each basket with the same grind setting? Most single baskets are too small by todays standards , say 7-14grams.
        Most coffee recipes will aim for 18-20 grams of dry weight coffee & 35-50 grams of espresso for around 30+ seconds.
        Check out for some more info