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Perth CS Gathering Saturday 3rd September 10:30 - Woodvale

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  • Perth CS Gathering Saturday 3rd September 10:30 - Woodvale

    I got some interest on the related thread I posted earlier in the week.

    I got positive responses from six people but several are not sure. It is looking good though so I thought it time to post a separate thread now that the date and time are decided.

    I would probably set the limit on about a dozen people, more or less, but we're well short of that point.

    LeafBeanMachine Commercial link removed as per Site Posting Policy contributed my new Wega Mini Nova Classic and Paul from * **** has contributed my new Macap M4D grinder. I had to pay them both of course....

    LBM really did contribute a lovely Tanzanian bean and a Burundi Zoyiyago Microlot bean which was generous of them, just for this CS gathering.

    If you want to bring brownies (or other), beans or want to bring your own equipment that is fine. I would ask if you bring equipment though to let me know just in case it gets too difficult to accommodate. I do have a table outside though which makes it somewhat easier.

    I did these gatherings regularly but years ago and we rated the beans in the cup, as an espresso and announced a winner at the end. The person whose bean it was, pulled the shots. We could do something similar. Don't feel compelled to contribute coffee, there will be heaps.

    I will PM anyone with my address and mobile number who thinks that they can make it.
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    Bugger, clash with kids sport. What time do you think you'll be there till?


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      Definite starter Grant, see you Saturday😆😆😆


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        Coming from Seminyak is a bit too far to travel for me. Back on the big island in a couple of weeks, hopefully I can make the next meet up. Great effort so far.


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          No worries next time then! Grant


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            I've got a good level of interest so it should be a good day.

            I also have a Bezzera BZ40 (3.7L boiler 2x1450W single group) for sale and a Rocky grinder. It is coincidental honestly. These are easy to sell and I have one person interested already in the BZ. If you are interested just PM me for details. I am just about to put a BRAND NEW rotary pump in the BZ40 so someone is going to get a nice machine. The old pump, just confirmed, has seized, fortunately easy to fix, just a $200 pump.


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              I am interested in joining the gathering on Saturday.My wife & I are visiting our daughters who live here in Perth. We are from Newcastle.Sounds like a great way to meet fellow addicts and learn new ideas.
              Don (cyndon)


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                I only have about 7 espresso cups/glasses of different sizes and shapes. If someone has a set of espresso cups, feel free to bring them along.


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                  Will bring some ACF espresso and tulips for milk/long blacks, Looking forward to catching up with fellow coffee tragics!!!


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                    Originally posted by greenman View Post
                    Will bring some ACF espresso and tulips for milk/long blacks, Looking forward to catching up with fellow coffee tragics!!!
                    Appreciated Trevor.



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                      Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
                      Have a great day guys. If I was a little closer I would be joining you. Cheers, Paul
                      Only 2000k or so. Maybe next time...


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                        I missed this post, would have met up otherwise.

                        I haven't bean paying attention to the cs forum lately.


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                          Caffeinated Nirvana

                          A most enjoyable gathering of like-minded caffeine lovers, thanks for hosting us Grant, the Russian choc and coffee rye bread by Aaron was a treat, Arthur's moorish coffee brownies and decadent doughnuts were most enjoyable.
                          Looking forward to catching up with the crew at a later date!!


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                            Likewise - thank-you Grant for your hospitality, great coffee and conversation with like-minded coffee tragics.


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                              It was a good little group of seven CSers and I'm hoping it will be the first of a number of meetups in Perth. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and fun is the reason to hold these sessions. I also do learn things from talking to other members, no doubt about it.

                              I'd like to thank everyone for coming, it was a perfect sunny day.

                              Thank you to Trevor (greenman) for supplying a lovely roasted bean. I have to say Trevor I was too busy pulling shots to enjoy the coffee. I see though some is left behind so I will get around to enjoying it in the next few days. The drip coffee was very nice and thank you for the cups.

                              Arron (TampIt), your Russian Mocha Black bread was a hit, even though you reckoned it was a bit dry. I loved it and I will have some of it with breakfast tomorrow.

                              Arty (Artman), your mocha brownies were great and there are plenty left over. I love coffee and I love chocolate. They will die an honorable death.

                              Thanks to Leaf Bean Machine in Bibra Lake for supplying two nice roasts, a Burundi and a Tanzanian, both expertly roasted and serve as a nice extra along with our CS beans we have roasted ourselves.

                              A Thank you to my stepdaughter Kym for the Bombolone Italian doughnuts. Delicious. They have stalls at the local markets and are doing very well with them.

                              I think everyone left fully caffeinated. The problems seems to be drinking too much coffee if anything. We did four different espresso blend in total. Each one needs a slightly different grind and I think four is about the limit. In future I think we will decide in advance what beans we will have so that we don't have too many. We had more than enough food in the end. People didn't eat a lot maybe due to the time of the meet.

                              I found it easy enough to organize. We do have a nice plumbed in machine, the Wega Mini Nova Classic and the kitchen is open plan so it was probably ideal for this sort of event.

                              I'm happy to continue to do this at my place, probably every few months. If a CS sponsor in Perth wants to offer us a meeting place on the weekend that would be great too. If any members want to do something similar at their place, excellent. Please don't feel that I might be put out if you want to organize something or that you have to OK it with me. I'd like to think of this event as just a start of some more regular meet ups in Perth, whoever does them.

                              A well done to everybody for helping make it a good event. Please don't feel bad just bringing yourself and a friend to the event, we end up with plenty of food and coffee for everyone. It simply isn't necessary or desirable that everyone bring food and coffee.