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  • Machine cleaning - external

    I'm sure this must have been already answered somewhere, but I tried searching and couldn't find much (happy to be pointed to another thread).

    What do you guys use to clean the outside of your espresso machines? Just warm water and dry with a cloth? Windex? My new Profitec is almost like a mirror, but already getting a little dirty from splashes etc. I'm wanting to try and avoid scratching it when cleaning.


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    I use a damp cloth to get rid of any splash marks, then finish with a dry microfibre cloth. For brushed stainless steel I often add a tiny amount of wd40 onto the cloth to give the machine it a very thin coating as it hides any imperfections and provides a barrier for easy cleaning next time. Always wipe in the direction of the grain!
    Mirror finish metal is usually entertaining to keep clean and oils will often leave a streak.


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      Yep similar here. I use two microfibre cloths. One wet and then dry straight away with the other.


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        If you want to stop the drip tray from getting all scratched up, I use a sushi mat.
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          What does that do for the flavour of the sushi?


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            Window cleaner with microfibre cloth.


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              Always use a clean microfiber cloth and you shouldn't have to worry about scratching unless you get dirt or sand onto the machine itself somehow

              I use window cleaner once a week; have found its better to do this with the machine cold to avoid streaking. Day to day I just use a damp microfiber to clean around the front of the machine if it's looking a bit grubby.