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  • coffee machine for coffee cart

    Hi....any opinions on what 2 group commercial machine is best for a coffee cart for festivals.....i need something that's going to handle being moved around alot. Thanks.

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    Hi. We have a market cart set-up and have used a Grimac (bulletproof but ugly) to a Sibilia Astoria (also bulletproof but pretty) and an ECM Michelangelo (plain looking, heavy but great steam + recovery). The Grimac and ECM ran off of 15amp and the Astoria 20amp. The power whether external or generator supplied is really the key to deciding what machine will fit the purpose together with your coffee machine budget. That aside, we have our machine mounted on timber which is mounted on underlay so there is always a little give when travelling with the trailer and thus far we have never had a problem as a result of the the general bumping up and down you may experience when travelling. Best of Luck.


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      Many thanks for the reply....will look into it.


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        Check this link out LPG Machines – Fracino Australia & NZ

        It's a duel fuel Coffee machine, as in it runs on LPG and/or 240v electricity.

        You can run it on straight 240v power or LPG (gas bottle) & 240v power. You use the LPG to run the boiler = 4000watts heating for faster recovery when steaming lots of milk & 240v power for the electrics & grinder. If you run 2000watt element that = 10amp circuit, 2800watt element = 15amp circuit or 4000watt element = 20amp circuit.

        The added bonus is if you want go "off the grid" you can use the LPG for the burner & a battery with inverter to run the the machine electrics, grinder & water pump. It's a bit more effort to set up, but it will open up a lot of opportunities that won't exist if you have to stick with 240v all the time. Coffee Machine = 350watts, Mazzer grinder = 650 watts, water pump = 100 watts. So a 1200 watt inverter will cover the power consumtion.

        I have a LPG Astoria machine & my friend has a LPG Francino and we are both very happy but ours are lever style machines.

        Good luck