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ECM tripple basket dosent fit

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  • ECM tripple basket dosent fit

    sorry for wasting any time of anyone but I am going to take it back
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    What actually happens?
    Is it impossible to lock the Group Handle in place or does it swing right around without sealing against the Gasket?

    What's the "locked in" position with your standard baskets?



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      Hi there,
      Sometimes if you have a ridged basket there will be a gap a couple of millimeters from the rim of the portafilter where a ridgeless basket would fit snug right down onto the very rim. Those 2mm or so can often be just enough to stop you from being able to lock in the portafilter like you would be used to. To test it out, pull the retaining clip out of the portafilter (carefully) and the basket should sit neatly on the rim with no clearance. If you can lock it in, then you know that is the cause of the problem.
      Let us know how you go


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        No handle doesn't fit at all basket seems to fit flush. Handle fits without basket though .


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          Fair enough, if you aren't happy with it then perhaps replace the basket for something else. Why triple though if I may ask? There are doubles that will easily fit large doses. I've had 'double' baskets that would easily fit 24g or even 26g (not that I'd want that kind of unbalanced shot).