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Help !! coffee troubleshooting !

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  • Help !! coffee troubleshooting !

    Hey guys today i got my new mazzer mini e grinder. What can i say? its not as easy as just plugging in and going haha. Im struggling to find roughly what grind to set my mazzer at. What i assume is a good size, sprays out the sides of the basket on my naked portafilter. This never happened previously with my old grinder and naked portafilter. Any help and tips would be great.

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    I would advice you to weigh your grounds. Try to get 17-18 gr in the basket. Be carefull to distibute the coffee evenly in the basket. This helps to get an even tamp. Tamp the coffee and have a look. To fast - grind finer, to slow - grind courser


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      On my Mini-E, I normally grind most my shots between -0.2 and +0.2. From memory, I think my burrs start touching around -0.6/-0.7.

      Keep in mind that when you make an adjustment you need to purge for a few seconds to clear the chute of any old grounds.


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        If you can't weigh it then fill to top even and smooth with your finger then tamp. I bought a Macap M4D and it took me about five shots to get it close. It too was harder than I thought. You get used to the behaviour of the grinder you have in terms of how much to adjust given a certain issue. I found that the Macap M4D was difficult was the adjustment for moving it one tooth is one full 360 degree rotation of the worm gear so I was underestimating how much I should change it.

        PS. Please don't change the burrs with burrs from the Mazzer SJ. It grinds slow which is the way Mazzer designed it to be, deliberately. It means it doesn't heat or clump and it may have other benefits like a more even particle size distribution.


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          Exactly what issue are you trying to solve? Sounds like you have issue with channeling but are only asking about grind settings.