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  • G'day

    Thought it was probably about time I said g'day.

    I have been reading up and learning as much as I can on here without saying to much in the past.

    There's been some awesome threads on here with a ton of info and it seems like the sponsors are really hands on and happy to help out.

    Great to read some quality reviews on awesome machines, unfortunately it has the unavoidable effect of upgradeitis.

    Currently have a Sylvia V4 and rocky doserless grinder that pumps out 2 double shot flat whites each morning plus wknd duties, and has been running flawlessly for the last 18 months.

    Pretty happy with it until I have to pump out 6-8 milk drinks when family come round then it gets a bit tedious. Planning on upgrading but will get to that later.

    Anyway, haven't said much in the past but thanks for a great site and handy info.



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    Welcome Jake.
    That is where the 'home machines' suffer a bit (when you have half a dozen people who all want a coffee at the same time - and then a second.)
    More than 4 and they are getting Dripolator coffee at my place.


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      Welcome, Sounds like you need a HX machine. There are lots to choose from.


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        Cheers Stan, that's exactly what I'm looking into now. HX seems like it would suit me, don't think I really need dual boiler.

        ECM looks the goods but still got 6-12 months to figure that one out. Got a wedding to take care of first.


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          Most of the HX would fit the bill. Spend a bit of time looking around before you make a decision. Remember the machine will be with you a long time if you buy quality.


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            Yeah that's the plan, always been of the view do it once do it right, (says the bloke upgrading haha)

            Happy to spend the money and keep it for a long time, will head into somewhere in Perth that has a few machines on display and have a play before I pull the trigger.

            Might even try and upgrade the grinder first then do the machine after to split up outlay if it works out similar cost wise.



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              Going through the same thing, I am looking at grinders then next year might upgrade the Musica


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                Welcome WME. It's always great when a reader starts posting and getting involved with the forum.
                Cheers, Paul


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                  Hi Jake, if you want a great range of machinery to check out, head to Dimattina in Osborne Park, they have an extensive range of machines and grinders etc. They also run a public cupping session every Friday at 2pm which is a great way to develop the palate.


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                    Haha it's a hard choice isn't it. Thanks for the welcome Stan, rocky and Paul.

                    Just a quick one Paul, is it much more economical getting the grinder and machine together or is there not too much in it?

                    Just wondering if it's worth splitting them or wait and get it all in one hit.

                    Thanks mate.


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                      G'day Jake and welcome,

                      My advice (when the time comes) is try your new machine with your exiting grinder. You may be pleasantly surprised.

                      Plenty here have souped up their Rocky grinders for great results.

                      In the meantime, you might keep an eye on Coffee Hardware For Sale as a great pre-loved newie could well present itself...




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                        Originally posted by WME View Post
                        Just a quick one Paul, is it much more economical getting the grinder and machine together or is there not too much in it?
                        Hi Jake,
                        You will almost definitely get a better deal if you buy both at the same time. However, as Chris said above, you may find that your current grinder is up to the task.
                        Cheers, Paul