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Terrible taste with the milk throthing???

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  • Terrible taste with the milk throthing???

    Hi people, I have a Rancilio silvia which I have been using for some years now and have just cleaned it which I do every few months even though I use quite a lot, I have just used the Coffee a Roma Expresso cleaner and now the milk or the water that comes out of the steamer has a foul taste??
    I followed the instructions to the letter and gave it a good rinse after, put about 5 litres of filtered water through it, now when I use it to steam the milk it has a terrible taste, should I descale it or just use the cleaner again? I did take the strainer off with the brass disc which was pretty black and cleaned it with hot soapy water.
    Before you ask the water filter is fine, no problems there as the water tastes great.
    Any ideas that could stop this foul taste?


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    Espresso cleaners are meant for back flushing. You filled the boiler with the mixture?


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      Would that not have given the coffee the same foul taste, JojoS?


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        Coffee a Roma Expresso cleaner
        That would be Espresso Cleaner, right?

        I think JojoS is on the money...
        Espresso Cleaners are for back-flushing the Group, not meant for use in the Boiler.

        Click image for larger version

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        If you ever need to Descale the Boiler, then you need to use specialised Descaling compounds to do that and of course, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully...



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          Originally posted by LouisF View Post
          Would that not have given the coffee the same foul taste, JojoS?
          You most likely rinse it off from the brew group with the 5 liters that you used. Perhaps you can rinse the steam valve as well by making lots of hot water. Taste test output of both brew group and steam wand to determine the difference. Not really sure if a proper descale will help at this stage.


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            Hi and thanks for all the help you have given me, I did try back flushing the espresso machine again and this time flushed both the group head and steam wand with another 7 or 8 litres of filtered water to make sure and it has worked and I am back to having great tasting coffee.
            I think I will descale over the next week or so and see what comes out. I have seen instructions on doing it properly.
            Once again thanks for all your ideas.