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  • Congolese coffee

    Anyone read the article in The Australian (p11) today, October 20, about coffee growing in Congo?
    Made for very interesting reading - one trader says "it's both the Wild West and the last bastion of specialty coffee". Another trader says "if there really is an untapped potential supplier of great coffee in the world, this is it". A taster says "that unlike the fruit and berry ones found in Ethiopian and Kenyan beans, Congolese coffee is earthier and more chocolates".

    the downside is that Congo is one heck of a dangerous place to be.

    The article says that Africa supplies 12 % of the global market,mans is sought after to add flavour to bland blends.

    anyway, thought it was a good read - a welcome change from politics and sport.

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    Interesting observation...

    Andy has managed to grab some Congolese beans previously.
    Haven't tried them myself though...