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Wring grind, but what when whong?

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  • Wring grind, but what when whong?

    OK, so my Brewtus is unpacked and set up, filled with water, boilers filled, temperature adjusted and all I need is correctly ground coffee. Aha! my Wega 5.8 Max Instant is likewise set up and adjustment of the grind is the next step. I have no idea how the right grind will look and feel, so I adjust the machine towards the fine side and grind the first shot. Looks too coarse to me so I adjust a bit finer. Looked about right, I weighed 7 g into the single portafilter, but the filter looks just about empty. I locked portafilter in place and pulled my first shot. The result clearly shows I am way off with just about everything. When I removed the portafilter almost all of “puck” stuck to the showerhead, leaving the filter almost empty.

    How does a grind that is almost right feel so I can start from that point? Why would the filter look so empty after tamping? The tamper should also not sink so deep into the filter, not so? Please give me some pointers here!

    Can I not post pics straight from my PC? I do not have a URL (whatever that may be ).

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    Yes, you can now post pics straight from your PC.

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      Thanks, Javaphile.